Payments (General)

Does DuplexPlay include movies, channels or any other content?

No. DuplexPlay is a media player. It doesn't include and it will never include any content of any type
If you don't have playlists then don't purchase activation of the app

Do you sell playlists or subscriptions?

No. We don't sell playlists nor subscriptions. Please don't contact us about Playlist subscriptions!

How much the cost of DuplexPlay?

Currently, DuplexPlay is free to try for 7 days. After this period you are welcome to pay a small amount to support the app

  • Six months activation cost only $0.99
  • One year activation cost only $1.99

How to renew activations?

IMPORTANT: before purchasing an activation for the app, rememeber that DuplexPlay is a media player and it doesn't include playlists and we don't sell playlists. If you don't have playlists, please don't purchase the activation of the app.

The payments can be done using one of the following methods:

Please note that: DuplexPlay app on Microsoft Store or Google store can be used to pay for any device including Smart TVs.

Steps to renew for your Smart TVs

Steps to renew for your Windows, XBOX One

  • Open DuplexPlay app on the selected platform
  • On home screen open [Activation]
  • Choose [Renew for this device]
  • Choose an activation type and then confirm purchase

What should I enter in the Gift Code field?

Nothing. leave it empty. Gift codes are for resellers. You should leave the Gift code field blank

After purchasing of the activation I got a message to keep activation ID, what is that?

Activation ID is very important. It is your activation license that can be used to reactivate the device at anytime.
When you see this message then take a photo of it. It is important to keep it with you.
IMPORTANT: Don't give your Activation ID/Key to anyone and don't send it by email to anyone. If you do this your activation can be lost and we will not be able to recover it.

How to check my activation status?

You can view the activation status of the app using the following methods:

  • Using the app itself. On the home screen there is an [Activation] button that will show the status and the expiration of the app.
  • Login to our website using the device ID and device Key and review the activation status and also review the payments you did.

Is activation per device?

Yes, activations is per device. If you want to use DuplexPlay on multiple devices you will need to activate all of them.

Why activation is per device?

Because each device exhausts server resources such as CPU, traffic and storage. We can't treat a customer with a single device like a customer using 10 devices. The latter puts 10x load on our servers. That is why we activate per device.

Do you support Paypal payments?

We don't accept direct PayPal payments. Although all payments will be done through Microsoft Windows Store Or Google Play Store. For some countries these stores provide support for Paypal

Do you support Payments through website?

No, all payments should be done through DuplexPlay app on Microsoft Windows Store or Google Play Store

If I uninstall the app, do I need to purchase another activation after reinstall?

No. But you need to keep a note of the Activation ID/Key before uninstalling the app
Please note that: Activation ID/Key is different than Device ID/Key
Here are the steps to record your Activation ID:

  • Open the app on the activated device
  • Open [Activation] from the home screen
  • Open [Activation ID] and note the Activation ID/Key (it is better to take a photo of the screen)
  • Important: Don't give activation ID to anyone. It is your activation's license

How to transfer the activation to another device?

You can transfer the activation from a device to another using the following steps:

  • First, you need to have the current Activation ID/Key. Please read the previous note on how to record your Activation ID/Key
  • Open the app on the new device
  • Open [Activation] from the home screen
  • Open [Transfer Activation]
  • Enter the Activation ID and Activation Key of the current activated device and then click [Transfer Activation]
  • After the transfer of the activation, the current device will be deactivated and the new device will be active
  • Important: After the transfer of the activation, the new device will have the valid activation. So you need to keep the Activation ID/Key of the new device

Can I transfer the activation to multiple devices?

No. Activation can be transferred only once per device.

What will happen after transferring the activation?

  • The old device we be deactivated
  • The old Activation ID will be deactivated
  • The new device will be activated
  • Your Activation ID of the new device will be the current Activation ID

The store doesn't accept my payment, what to do?

Contact the support team of the Google Play Store or Microsoft store. We can't help in these issues

I have an activation issue, what to do?

Contact us, but rememebr to include the followings in your email:

  • The order receipts received from the store
  • The device ID
Note: we will not be able to help if you didn't include the above. We will not activate devices or making any charges without the proof of payments